Have I Ever Mentioned...

 Have I ever mentioned that I unicycle? Yes... you heard me. Unicycle.  In my time off, I'm a part of a circus that travels around the North West... Ok, not entirely true. BUT, I do unicycle!  You know when you're at a new gathering and you have to introduce yourself and say one unique thing about yourself? This is my go-to answer. Thanks to my friend Tyson (pictured above), I learned how to perform this circus trick my junior year of college. When bored from studying or needing a little kick of adrenaline... or when needing a few moments to laugh historically at myself, we (my roomie, Mary, and I) unicycled! Good times!

My university, PLU, even has a unicycle club. I know.... You're thinking, 'Awesome! I want to be in that club!' Trust me, you do! I only wish that I didn't have such long hours for my nursing degree or else I'd have been there every week! 

My favorite times & funniest times took place when we unicycled to church. Sometimes there were 4 of us all in a line! Ah... so much fun. We'd get the strangest looks! A great conversation starter for sure! AND, let me tell you... it's such a great work out! Whew! 

Once I reached sophomore year of high school, I thought that I'd never learn a new "trick." Being a gymnast for much of my young life meant focusing and training on mastering that next new trick. Learning to unicycle gave me hope, rejuvenated me, and inspired me to learn new things! It also taught me to laugh at myself again. 

I haven't been on the cycle in quite a few months, but I'm hoping to hop back in the saddle shortly!