"Couple Friends"

I know, I know... more beach pictures. I am so in love with the beach and am more-so incredibly thankful that God has blessed us with friends who know & love Him. "Couple friends" at that! Andrew and I haven't really had many couple friends up until this point. These women not only get what it means to be married, but they get what it is like to be a wife of a medical student. Even better, we're all nurses! How much better could it get?

Tillamook Factory ~cheese & ice cream~
Rockaway Beach ~frisbee, waves, & sand~
Canon Beach ~picnic, starfish & sunsets~

Back to Portland for Pizza, Portlandia episodes, & delicious peanut butter chocolate chip cookes. Good times.
The whole group!

Loving Momma! Christine & Sam
PS- this is Christine's blog  (Apartment 46)

Brandon & Catherine
Sand Man!
My favorite workout buddy!
Seriously, how cute is this kid!?
Christine to the rescue...

 Tillamook Cheese Factory! Yum!
Thank you Andrew for ruining the picture...