Boys Weekend & Nursecation

What happens when a wife leaves her hubby for a week after he is finished with an exam and has no studying to do over the weekend... and... his old college roommate comes into town for a boy's weekend? Oh boy. I'm excited for Andrew to get to hang out with his bestie (guys don't call their friends besties do they?). None the less, I'm sure they'll have a great time and I left them only sweets and treats- so hopefully they find some more nutritious food at some point. Have fun boys! 
Get all of the video-gaming out of your system and Andrew, try to at least pretend you miss me!


 I on the other hand am having some good "girl time" with my Aunt and Grandma. Taking somewhat of a "nursecation" as I like to call it! Also known as trying to help my aunt as she recovers from a surgery. A few tidbits from my travel:

 We flew over the Grand Canyon on my way south! I wish I could have gotten a better picture!
I had to choose between Burger King and Pizza Hut for a scarfed down meal on my brief layover. Ew.
I seem to be drawn to wheelchairs... This little cove of chairs provided the perfect spot to scarf down a few bites and be ignored by the bustling group of travelers on the other side.
Howdy Houston!

Have a blessed weekend!