Awkwards & Awesomes

This photo has nothing to do with this post, but how adorable is this house!?! Reminds me of the show Full House. I'd like to move in right now (house in NW Portland near 23rd st).

Awkward/ "Bummer Dude"
  • Finding out that the Hubs and I can't take our summer dream vacation (Alaskan Cruise)... It's a long story. But, we're now hunting for inexpensive vaca options anywhere in the US. Any favorite spots? 
  • Being sick this week. Ick. 
  • Finding an overdue electricity bill in a random shelf in our apartment... oops! 
  •  Realizing that I haven't crafted in nearly 2 weeks! What!?? Ok, I chose doing house work instead. Probably a good choice.
  • Having no motivation to cook fancy meals besides the usual mexican food (my friends know... mexi food seriously makes up 70% of my food intake).  Problem? Eh...
  • Working in a different role at my job for the first time in ~7wks... Whew! It's nice to be working with whole families again (mom's & their babies & Dad's, etc...). Just took me a while to get back in the swing of things. {I've been in our expanded care nursery with the sick babies every shift for a long time! I love it there, but it's nice to keep up on my adult skills too.}
I think this is awesome.... you may think it's awkward
  • Successfully inserting a catheter!!! You have no idea how excited I was.... As was my patient. Ok, I admit, I'm AWFUL with inserting catheters. I just have not been successful at them. Maybe it's because I'm dealing with women who have just given birth (Sorry Dad & those who can't handle medical stuff. Stop reading this point here). Things are a little bit different down in that direction while & after being pregnant. The target is very difficult to see. Sometimes worse is elderly GYN patients... Anatomy changes... Ok, enough, you get the picture. After inserting successfully on the 1st attempt, my patient said, "Whew, I didn't think you were going to get it! I'm so relieved!" I told her that I was equally relieved.... didn't think I would either. Honesty is the best policy- after performing the procedure that is!

Awesome/ Exciting
  • Getting my vacation request granted. Now we just need to chose somewhere to vacation!
  • Andrew surprising me with tickets to Wicked in March. Can't wait!
  • A clean house... mmmmh love it. 
  • Finding a quilting shop that has lessons. I'm thinking about taking a class. 
  • Getting my nails done with Shellac. Once gone Shellac, there's no going back!
  • Miscellaneous friend dates (Renee, Alex, Katie, Kaitlyn.... LOVED seeing you guys).
  • Keeping up with my goal of not buying clothes for 3 months. 1 month down and no cravings!
  • Flirting with my hubs. I hope when we're 50 we can still flirt with each other here and there... He sure makes me smile. 
  • Watching Andrew play soccer with his med school indoor soccer team. It is especially enjoyable when he plays keeper and dances to the music. That's my man!

Happy Thursday & thanks for stopping by!