Awesome & Awkward... & Avacados Too

What do you guys think of my new title banner? After more than a week of trying to figure it out on my own and reaching poor results (I'm stubborn), I finally found this awesome website with a clear video tutorial! I added my own touches of course, but this explained the process nicely.

Click HERE to see the easy to follow & short video tutorial using Photoshop.

In other news, here are a few awkwards and awesomes from the last week:
  • Getting positive feedback from a patient & finding it in the staff weekly updates. Always nice to hear good things! 
  • Trying a Pilates class with my friend Catherine yesterday. Great workout! Is it weird that through all of the hip workout part I had "Hips Don't Lie" Shakira song stuck in my head? Mostly because my hips were huuuurrrrttting sooo bad. I was wishing my hips were lying to me at that point...
  •  Lunch date with PLU friends! We ate at Little Big Burger on Mississippi in NE Portland. Perfectly portioned burgers and fairly priced. If you like salty fries- this is your place. Great news- they are opening a store near by! Great date night place- can't wait!
  • Dinner with our friend Tyson (you may remember him from the unicycling post) . Best loaded nachos I've ever had!
  • Getting to spend time in God's Word and being reminded why I need this every day. God is good and His Word is alive.
  • Getting to grab a quick dinner out with Andrew. We went to Mexican food of course- but this time I had nothing to do with it! He picked all on his own! This must be a first...
  •  Gaining weight since I've had my gym membership... muscle? Or is it all of the avacados I've been eating? You can't just eat half of one- the rest goes bad. Andrew doesn't eat them... that leaves me to eat the whole thing! Whoa... I know. Also doesn't help that I'd probably choose to have an avacado tree in my backyard over a money tree or that I keep buying costco packs of them. They are soooooo good. At least they help combat cholesterol- Good ol' HDL.
  •  Having my water glass slip completely from my grasp at a restaurant to make a loud BOOM on the table.. oops! It was slippery!
  • When the lady at the local food market asked if I'd like a bag for the two ice cream containers that were freezing my hands off, I answered, "yes, paper please." After an odd look from the gal, Andrew reminded me that we are in Portland and paper is the only option. In addition, she didn't ask which type of bag, but rather, if I'd like one at all (as she holds the paper bag out in front of me). Blonde moment? Sometimes I forget I live in such an environmentally-conscious place. I'm surprised they even offer paper bags... 
  • Sitting through an entire 3 hr CPR renewal class and afterword finding out that it didn't count for me (complicated to explain... I fixed it and I'm all good now). Long story short, don't ever try to get certified through anything but American Heart Association. Not sure why the last 2 hospitals I was employed at didn't catch the issue...
  • Completely messing up Nurse staffing for the following shift by taking a sick call message. Who knew we had an RN and a tech with extremely similar names... Can we get a "name alert" on these two please...  now I know... 
Hope you all have had a great week so far!