Valentines Garland

 I made this simple Valentines Garland with scraps of fabric from my Grandmother and a ribbon from a Christmas gift. All in all, this craft cost $0. Free is always a bonus! I Love this little touch of red & white mixed with blue in our apartment. This set up replaced our wedding finger-print tree that I'm currently working on finding a new spot for. Much of our wall art is getting a location swap. Sometimes it's nice to just mix things up a bit!

 1. Cut fabric scraps into long strips (You can even use old t shirts as scraps)
2. Tie around a ribbon, string, or rope. 
3. Display/Hang & Enjoy!

 The framed artwork was a gift from my sister that we received within the first few weeks of moving to Portland. It's a drawing depicting the West side of Portland and the bridges that cross the Willamette river. The buildings next to our apartment building are even in the picture! This is a favorite of mine and will be a sentimental piece to display in our home no matter where we live in the future.

 With the extra scraps, I changed out the Christmas adornments on our holiday welcome wreath with a little red/white bow. Again, super simple, but a sweet little Valentines touch!