Toad in a Hole

Here is a simple, light-hearted post for you! AKA- I just got home from work and need to sleep!

 Toads? Holes? I'm not a fan of the name, but... If I'm feeling ambitious after working nights, I'll come home and try to make something resembling a breakfast (technically, it would be my dinner). This week, I literally scarfed a bowl of Nachos down and crashed... but a few weeks ago, this was my creation. My latest Breakfast in Bed combo = Toad in a Hole! I have no idea why it is called this or where the toad came from, but It was a fun, quick make and it made Andrew smile when I woke him up with this simple grub.  I love coming home from work on weekends because there's a husband in my bed!
I think this may be a winner for guys out there! Super easy & fun! You could seriously win some Hunk points with the ladies! 

I wouldn't have my toast any other way! Ok.. now I'm starving. Off to find something for breakfast before hitting the pillow.  Have a splendid Wednesday!