Six Months

 Well, we officially made it to 6 months of marriage last week & you know what that means....

We got to open our 6 month anniversary card that our wedding guests wrote us as a table activity! Here's the post originally explaining this assortment of cards we get to open over the next 50 years! It's crazy to think about 50 years together. WOW!

I was going to put a list up of all the things we've learned about each other over the past 6 months.... but after I asked Andrew... I decided I better leave this list off the blog! His answers were hilarious, but not entirely fit to share. We both got a good laugh after this conversation.... However, we decided that our favorite time of the day is:  Pillow Talk Time. It may only happen once a week, but, talking before going to sleep about our days, dreams, wishes, or what we would do if we were the Bachelor or Bachelorette is priceless (This Bachelor/Bachelorette convo was lengthy-- He swears that he'd still end up picking me in the end). Yeah, he knows the right answers already!

Overall, it's been the most fabulous, wonderful, fantastic, exciting, loving, & blessed 6 months of my life.
If you're needing a wedding table activity, I recommend this one! Our cards thus far have been all of sweet, kind, thoughtful, hilarious, unreadable (handwriting difficult to read, but we made good guesses), & one even included a poem that was composed of each person writing a random line (it made little sense, but gave us a good laugh). We look forward to reading more over the years. Now, we just have to be sure to remember where they are placed & remember to open them!