House Guest & Weekend Pics

 (This convo took place before I left for work last week)
 Andrew: "Hey Babe, I forgot to mention... we're having someone stay with us this weekend."
(We often host interviewing med school candidates)
Jenna: "What!? But we had plans to do things this weekend... noooo, I'm bummed. We were going to go out on a date. Who is it?"
Andrew: "Well... it's a girl." (meaning I, Jenna, have to help extra to entertain)
Jenna: "Ughhhh... Where's she from?"
Andrew: "Well {Andrew hands jump on Jenna's shoulders} ...she has 4 paws..."
Jenna: "Penelope!!!!! (our bro/sis-in-law's cat) You trickster! Yay!"

So, we had this adorable house guest as my brother & sister-in-law went away for the weekend. She offered lots of entertainment and it was nice to have an extra living creature in the apartment.

As for our Date Night:

We ran a few errands at the mall & enjoyed one of our date gift cards to the Cheesecake Factory. Yum!

While waiting forever (1 hour!!!) for a table, we ventured around the adjacent stores to include Pottery Barn Kids. We read children's books & had a puppet show! I'm pretty sure the staff thought we were crazy.... I can't wait to read books to our kids someday. I love kids books!

 I also got my rings cleaned. It's amazing what wearing gloves all day at work does to rings. Eww. It makes such a difference to get them all shined up!

 We pigged out on our delicious burgers & didn't even make it to the french fries or cheese cake until getting home.
'Twas a nice weekend!