DIY: Memento Ornaments

This simple DIY project could be the perfect gift for so many occasions! Have a friend getting married? A friend having a baby (baby shower invitation)? Do you have left over family photo Christmas cards from the past few years? This is what you can do with them! Cut them up & put them into a clear glass ornament! Then, you can enjoy them in a new creative way time and time again (on your Christmas tree or hanging in your house somewhere).

 I'm excited to continue doing this with special invitations or mementos to place on our Christmas tree each year. 

... When Andrew saw it, he said:  "You killed one of our invitations??!!!?" I think he likes it... 

And... If I know you... you may be receiving a variation of this as gifts throughout the years :) 

If you make one of these, send me photos to share! I'm sure there's much variation possible! 

This was the first one I made for my brother & sister in-law as their 1 year anniversary is this month. I unfortunately did not use a pencil/pen to curl the paper and it doesn't have as polished of a look. Sorry guys! I then found this step to be an important one when making an ornament out of the invitation from my own wedding.
This was my inspiration found via Pinterest from this gal's Blog.