We were babies..... Okay, we were just barely 16......  Check our that hair! We held hands for the first time this night! His story says I grabbed his hand. Mine says he grabbed mine. I'm right. Sweet memories. 
Andrew: "Baaaaaabbeee, I forgot what you looked like! I haven't seen you in so long!" 

I feel like a little school girl who has a crush on a new kid in class! I seriously love my husband SO much it blows my mind. The crazy thing is.... we literally haven't seen each other in 3 days except for once last night for a few minutes before I left for work. With our opposite schedules, it sometimes takes extra measures just to let each other know that the other still exists. We are learning not take time together for granted. It's treasured and rare. We are learning how to support each other without even seeing each other. Though working nights is not ideal and is really getting to me, I'm learning to make the best of it in my relationship with Andrew. I've also been making it a priority to spend time in prayer for Andrew each day. What a difference it makes to center my thoughts and prayers on him and God's will for him. By praying for him, I am able to re-frame my thinking to be less selfish, less upset with our situation, less frustrated. I am reminded through prayer of all he is doing to provide for us even while slaving away in med school. I am reminded of God's beautiful picture of marriage and the true gift it is for His children. I'm so thankful for a loving husband and I'm grateful we can still "pursue" each other and feel like we did when we were 16!
He always kisses me goodnight (or goodmorning) & embraces me when we see each other.
Love notes left on pillows... & love text messages= my Favorite!
 We enjoyed this same sunrise together this week (though we were in separate places)
"Dinner" and surprise dessert (my favorite store-bought cookies) waiting for me when I got out of the shower for work. This is hubby-proof dinner -- microwave burrito & apples/carrots. It was all just what I needed. Thanks Babe!