Craft Room Envy

I'm having major craft room envy! Look at these amazing crafting spaces! I'm getting tired of spreading out on the floor or couch while crafting and then having a sore back the next day- oh boy, I'm getting old. Let's just say that a craft room/space is definitely included in my dream house. I'd spend far too much time in this space, but just think of all of the beautiful things I could create. Never hurts to dream right?



 Here's an example of one of my craft corners/shelves. When it's craft time, I just spread out all over the apartment. There's at least 2 other random bookcases with craft supplies + a stash in our storage closet.

On another note: I just finished having roughly 6 days off!!! Though I sure don't have much to show for it, the time off almost makes up for working a crazy holiday schedule & I'm thankful to have seen my husband a bit more over the past few days.