Church Search & Closet Mission

 Closet Mission: 
Maybe you're in the same boat as I am... When looking in my closet, I see dozens and dozens of items that I rarely, if ever, wear. I haven't worn some in years, yet I hold onto them because they are good clothes. So, my mission is to try and expand my wardrobe by going "shopping" in my closet at least once a week. Realistically, there are only about 2 days out of the week that I even need to wear something other than scrubs or sweats/cozy at-home-gear. If I find that I am truly not wearing something, I'm getting rid of it/ donating. I've already got a bag started in my closet!

This flowy Target dress for example (that I wore to church this week) is about 1.5 years old and I've only worn it twice. I wish I took the sweater off for the pic because the sleeves are my favorite. I'm also hoping this "mission" will decrease my shopping. My goal is to go 3 months without buying any new clothes (except 1 pair of jeans that I've been needing for a while). We'll see how it goes! 

Would anyone else like to take part in this "Closet Mission" ?? Let me know! 

Church Search:
Though Andrew and I have been here in Portland for almost 6 months, we have struggled to find a fitting church home where we feel that we can both grow & serve. The Church search process can be both exciting and frustrating. The church we came from in Tacoma was such a wonderful place for us and we found that every week here in Portland just made us miss our Tacoma church home even more. Furthermore, with working weekends during my residency program (5 weekends in a row at one point), it made it very difficult to consistently attend new churches as a couple with the right attitude and right heart. Don't get me wrong, there are tons and tons of churches (and great ones at that) in Portland! Maybe that is one reason it has been so difficult- because there are so many options! All this being said, we feel extremely encouraged from the last 2 weeks of trying new places and are thankful for this time of searching as it has fostered more prayer & Christ-centered conversation between the hubby and I. We attended a fabulous church yesterday and are looking forward to getting more involved/learning more. They are even studying the same thing in service that I have been in my personal reading & study.