Awkward & Exciting

These photos are from a few weekends ago, but still worth posting! I was so thankful to have gotten to see and spend a little bit of time with two of my best friends (Laura & Caroline) while visiting Seattle. Can I just add that I love that we each have different hair colors- we make the full set! We simply hopped from a breakfast restaurant to coffee shop to Happy Hour Mexican food... And... talked for hours all in between. Thrilling, I know! But it was perfect. So great to catch up and re-connect with friends.

On another note, here are some Awkward & Exciting happenings from my week:

  •  Walking into the wrong patient's room... Good thing I asked what she would like to be called first thing & figured it out quickly. Whew! She just got an extra welcome, that's all!
  • Exclaiming my love for Greek Yogurt & being reminded by friends how fatty it is...Ha... doesn't stop me! 
  • Getting home from work & finding a smudge of baby poop on my elbow. Better than adult poop! Do you know how many diapers I change in a 12hr period?? And, yes... I regularly wash my hands. I guess I need to regularly wash my elbows too! 
  • Taking care of withdrawing newborns & withdrawing mothers... I get to have lots of fun conversations.... 
  • Talking to the cat & assuming she understands when I tell her to please stop sitting on me while I sleep. 
  • The tiny bout of snow Portland saw & watching it fall the whole night while at work. 
  • Getting to help plan a baby shower for 3 work friends (all due within 2 weeks of each other! Yikes!)
  • A new Manager at work! Yahoo! 
  • Singing my heart out at worship Sunday morning with my hubby by my side. Perfect. 
  • Starting a gym membership TOMORROW! Can't wait! 
  • Rediscovering my love for honey greek yogurt. YUM. 
  • Only drinking Starbucks once this week. Discipline.
  • Looking forward to helping throw a Love Fest Ladies Night with my Mom & her small group tonight... I'm sure there will be pictures & sharing
  • Received Hunger Games in the mail.... I haven't even opened it yet because I know I won't be able to put it down! 
  • Surprise breakfast in bed with the hubs
That's all folks, Happy Thursday!