Awkward & Exciting

  • Showing up to my first class (at the gym I joined) & being the youngest by about 50 years. No joke. Turns out it was a cardiac rehab class. Thankfully, my friend Catherine was with me. We were the talk of the group! Now I have learned how to properly read the class schedule & I probably lost all class-choosing trust from Catherine : /
  • Getting called off (low census) of my second night of working out of three (the middle night, the oreo cream night). This should have meant that I stayed up all night to stay on "schedule" for working the next night. Nope... I slept for just about 20 hours out of 24! And... then had to go back to sleep before work again.... so, make that 28 out of 36 hours. I felt like a bum. Who am I kidding, this should actually be an "Exciting." It was great!
  • The 2 lunch Tupperwares that have been sitting in a corner of our kitchen counter for 2 weeks... ok close to 3. I know... disgusting... beyond disgusting! I haven't yet worked up the courage to empty them (mold and all). More than any other thing (blood, guts, vomit, you name it), mold gets me the worst. I seriously can't handle it. I gag, gag, gag, gag, barf, cry... icky ick. Are you gagging yet? Andrew sometimes will handle the mold, but not this time. "I need to learn my lesson." He's right... So, now, I am diligent to clean out my Tupperware after eating while still at work. Whew! It's crunch time though, we have someone staying with us tonight... Today is the day! Wish me luck.
  • Receiving a phone call from Tell-a-Lutes this week (students from PLU calling alumni & their families for scholarship money). Super awkward conversations! I know the script & all of the questions; I know where they are leading... just ask for money already. I'm sure we'll give more later... but come on, it's only been 8 months since we graduated! Did I mention they called me 2 months after graduation! Too soon! They do a great job and I'm grateful for their work & people's donations, I'm just a "get to the point" kind of gal. By the way, I never know if they are calling for me or to talk to Andrew because he gave them all of my contact info for him-- knowing how much I hate talking to them. Good trick Andrew. 
  • Almost passing out from jumping in the hot tub right away after an embarrassingly short swim workout. I should know better.  

  • Getting lots of sleep this week & getting bonus Andrew time (no exam this week= extra Andrew time).
  • 1.5 hr long phone convo with Sam... catch up much neeed!
  • Finding a large jug of Diet Snapple Peach Tea at the store. The perfect drink to start my work night with!  Better for me than Coffee!
  • Dinner date with 2 of our guy friends. They chose where to eat... Good Ol' Hometown Buffet. Bleh. Ok, their Icees are good.
  • Using our gift movie tickets to see a movie together last weekend. Watched Red Tails. Not the best acting, but touching film about the Tuskagee Airmen.
  • Spontaneous catch up time with my college friend, Hannah. We were extra classy & got McDonald's Flurries. . . Seriously made my week though! 
  • French Press date with Mom... we sat there and talked for 2 hours. Love it! 
  • Playing the iPhone Family Feud Ap game with Andrew at the dinner table all week. We're getting pretty good!
  • Feeling sore from working out... the good kind of sore though!

Whew, that's plenty! Hope you all have had a great week so far! Any awkward stories to share?