Which Came First? Kidney or Kidney Bean?

Left:  Andrew after his first preceptorship with an anesthesiologist. Look at that handsome dude! 

Right:  Me at 7:30 am after my 2nd solo night shift last week. I'm looking pretty tired... ready to go home & sleep!
Sorry for the terrible photo quality. Courtesy of our phones. 

*This is a lengthier post, consider this your warning... *

Andrew gets to observe surgeries and take part in pre & post-op procedures. So far, so good! He learned how to intubate (stick a breathing tube down someone's throat) someone last shift. He's hoping to get practice at this skill throughout this rotation.

I'm gearing up for a stretch of 4 nights on in a row. Whew! Hoping for a good few nights and great sleep in between!

In my days "off"  I'm learning what it means to just be still and know that that's ok.  It's alright to not have every minute of every day scheduled out. It's fine to have 3 entire days with no plans (that happened to me this week for the first time probably since Kindergarten- whoa). "Be still and know that I am God." Ps. 46:10. I am so finite and God is so infinite. He has blessed me with this time of change, rest, re-grouping, enjoyment of being a young married woman. He has provided for Andrew and I in unthinkable ways. I need to be more positive, cherish this time I have "off" and just be still.

Some favorite activities in my time off:
  • Reading my bible while taking a hot bubble bath first thing in the morning...then working out... then showering. Our water bill may be a little high this month, but as of right now, it's worth it!
  • Making my hubby yummy meals & treats. It makes me happy to see him & his tummy happy. 
  • Sleeping. Can I justify still "catching up on sleep" from the last 4 years of my life? Ok, working nights also throws a large curve-ball in the sleeping department.
  • Cooking, baking, crafting.... the usual stuff you often see on this blog
  • I've discovered a love for war movies... brings me back to the first real book I ever read & loved as a child,  Johnny Tremain.  Why am I just now rediscovering my love for historical fiction? Oh yeah, because the last 4+ years of my life have been completely focused on nursing. Brainwashed? 
  • Reading something other than a textbook. I literally can't remember the last fun book I actually read. Okay, I do... it was Marley and Me 3.5 years ago. I know... ridiculous.
  • Friend & Mom dates! So thankful to live somewhat close by to friends and family.

On a lighter note, you may be wondering why this post is titled something about kidneys. Here's the answer if you made it this far: our dinner convo the other night consisted of trying to decide which came first, the kidney bean or the kidney (as in which was named after which). We decided that the kidney came first... I figure that's something a doc should know, don't you think? Never found a definite answer though so if you know, please share!