Stretching Christmas

This has been the longest Christmas ever! How could that ever be a bad thing? Never. Bonus to being married= family multiplies exponentially. It's been such a joy to be surrounded by family the past 2 days. Here's some photos to share Christmas with the C's (My folks). Since I have these photos, I'll share this Christmas first, though it was the last event of Christmas day (will share Christmas morning pics/events soon).

When we began, I'd been up over 24 hours (with the exception of a little nap) from working Christmas eve. I was sleeeeeeeepy.

When we arrived (not looking like we do in the photo above, that's from the next morning), Mom was cooking away in the kitchen. She always makes the best food!

We sang Christmas hymns, read the Christmas story, and opened gifts after dinner.  

Dad is excited about his new fishing waders.... I told him I didn't like the idea of him going into the water up to his chest.... scary. My favorite gift is a new bible that I'm in love with. Can't wait to enjoy reading it and making new notes in the margins. 

Andrew and I are so excited for numerous gift cards to go in our Date Jar. So many new places to try and little dates to enjoy. They'll probably last until next Christmas! So exciting!

We had a great night's sleep and headed back to Andrew's folk's and as I speak, the crew is playing a board game that is far too complicated for my patience. But they're having a great time!

The best part: Andrew and I still have our own Christmas to celebrate tonight when we get back to Portland. Can't wait to open each other's gifts and just enjoy being the two of us.

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!