Hubby & R-Family Christmas

 R Family photo from Christmas Eve. "The wives" (me and Nick's wife Michelle) were at work  :(

Here's a few photos taken by Uncle Mark from Christmas with my hub's side of the family. They have SO many fun traditions and it was so much fun to have Christmas with such a large crowd! I wish I could show a pic from the whole group- the more the merrier! 

Christmas with the R's is full of games, everyone opening their gifts one at a time and taking part in each person's excitement, delicious food, scavenger hunts, and Dance Central! Such a fabulous time to simply enjoy one another. I'm thankful to have joined such a loving family.

Finally it was Andrew & Jenna Christmas time... 

Like I said, the longest Christmas ever...  But we finally made time for some Christmas as a couple. Though it didn't happen until 1AM this morning (the 27th), it finally happened and it was glorious. We will probably still be figuring out our own Christmas traditions over the next many years, but we were sure to have a few sweet treats and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus before opening gifts. 

My hubby's face was priceless when he opened his Star Wars Trilogy movie gift. I still don't understand how someone could love star wars so much, but I'm happy to make him happy with such a simple gift.
I'm SO excited for this as our speakers busted a few months ago. Thanks Andrew!  

We had a great time opening gifts and just being with each other. We've had a festive, wonderful, and exhausting last 2 days but it's back to work for the next 3 nights for me... Then it'll nearly be New Years!