Help the People

I'm headed to sleep after a busy night shift that was actually quite enjoyable. So, I leave you with this song (cover) by Birdy called, 'Help the People'  that I just discovered via Fellow Fellow. This gal has a fabulous voice. And, I LOVE the natural, black & white video.

Besides that & relating to this song, it feels so wonderful to truly help people... I love leaving work and feeling like I was able to do my job and do it somewhat well (even though I still leave every day obsessing over trying to figure out what I missed or forgot to do). I love being able to connect with my patients and help them in such tangible ways. It brings me joy to have the same patients a few nights in a row celebrating their progress along the way. I cherish the moments of taking part in bringing new life into the world. Seriously... how much better can it get? And, when things don't go well, I consider it a privilege to care for others with broken hearts as they welcome me into some of their darkest moments. I treasure the opportunities to simply rock and hold a sweet baby to sleep, teaching their parents how to do the same. I re-learn every day of the power of just listening...

Nursing is such a rewarding line of work and I'm thankful that God made this passion clear to me at such a young age and allowed me to follow this path.

Yes, I have bad days... But with time, I feel like the good days are far outnumbering the bad days. 

Help someone today in some way or another. It's a win-win!