Christmas Extravaganza Party Part 1

We hosted a Christmas Extravaganza party at our apartment for some of our friend from high school days. It's rare to all get together and so nice to catch up. We enjoyed dinner, a white elephant gift exchange, delightful conversation,  pictionary telephone game ( I don't know the actual name of the game), and some dessert time around the fire. I think the pictures say it all... Great night!
Part 2 comes tomorrow (the food & recipes by request of guests)

Some favorite gifts: A framed photo of Jimmy with a bonus Delux Massage from Jimmy (given by Andrew), an awesome Sherlock Holmes Nutcracker, a Pineapple, and princess smelly bubbles! 
The fact the the gifts were so desirable truly made for an exciting game...

Next we headed up to the roof for some hot cocoa, dessert, and fire pit time. 

Most fashionably dressed: Adam & Jimmy! 
I loved Adam's snazzy dress shoes!
And Jimmy took the cake by sporting his European look- scarf and all! Very nice Jim!

 I leave you with this ecstatic face!

~Thanks Caitlin, Adam, Joe, & Brandon for helping take some photos~