B.L.T.S. & Portland Zoo Lights!

No, BLTS doesn't stand for a BLT sandwich, though that sounds tasty.
B= Boots
L= Leggings
T= Top
S= Sweater

+ Add a Scarf and you're set!

I'm no fashionista, but this combo is my all time favorite mixture... not necessarily for how it looks, but for how comfortable it is. I must have had it right as a 2nd & 3rd grader in my leggings every day. Except, they were red, green, pink, etc. (I remember they made sitting on the playground bars very cold). . So cozy. If I could wear this every day, I would. Add a few dresses & scarves in there and you're good! So glad it's cold again to wear warm, cozy things. 

Also, I love that my hubby has a little break from school. So nice to be able to have spontaneous dates and to even have him run little errands with me. I guess in the real world, "Christmas Breaks" and "Summer Breaks" end... Not looking forward to that.

Here's some photos from Portland's Zoo Lights we went to last night. Andrew and I went with Brianne, Nick, & his wife, Michelle (all my brother & sister in laws). Great bonus to getting married: your siblings double or even triple!
We met a tiger friend!
 My camera was having major struggles trying to get these four in the dark... Here's the best I could get. Sorry team!
 Fake Christmas-lit animals & some real animals. The lights are fun, but I prefer the real creatures...

We rode the train through the zoo! Don't be fooled by the smiles, it was a VERY chilly night and my feet were numb the whole time. All in all, it was lots of fun and we came home & baked (will share those treats soon), made Fajitas and watched Planet earth (to continue our zoo adventure) with Ms. Brianne! A true treat!