Thanksgiving Table

Welcome to Thanksgiving at my house! Fortunately, I have to do very little cooking (none actually- unless you count a little Pumpkin Pie here and there). Andrew's uncle is quite the chef and I'm looking forward to a marvelous feast this evening at family's house. 

Even though we're not having an "actual" thanksgiving at our place, I couldn't help but miss my immediate family and our wacky thanksgiving traditions (or lack of traditions). Our one and only tradition consists of writing thankful notes to each member of the family. They usually include why we are thankful for each other. Mom usually cries... my brother's are usually quite humorous. We've done it since we were small and probably able to write. We normally exchange notes at the dinner table, passing them around to and from. When we are spread out all over the country (like this year), we use the internet! This is such a sweet tradition and one that I hope we never stop doing. 

Inspired by thinking of my immediate family, I set a 'Thanksgiving Table' in their honor (It just took a couple of minutes). If they were coming over to our place for Thanksgiving dinner, this might be how the table would be decorated.

Who says robins egg blue and yellow aren't suited for Thanksgiving?
It may look a bit too christmas-y but I like the uniqueness of the colors and natural yet simple features.

I frosted the edges of cinnamon-scented pine-cones with some paint for the place settings. I originally made these for a Christmas garland, but in the meantime, they make great place card holders! I also just found some extra fabric in my craft box to use as a table runner. It doesn't take much to add a little pizazz to your Thanksgiving table!
What great decorating ideas did you find this Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

 Jordan & Richard, you have a place too! You're sharing a pine-cone in between Dad & Jensen. Love you all, miss you all, so thankful for each of you!