PLUtonic: To celebrate making it to day 7/7

I made it to my 7th work day in a row and could not be more thrilled. I've got the weekend off and have BIG plans (ok,  not really. . . just sleep and housework mostly). 

These videos have brightened my week. PLUtonic is the acapella group at Pacific Lutheran University (my almamater).  In all of his spare time (if you know him, you know that he lacked spare time- even to see me very much), my hubby sang in this group his senior year of college. Andrew and I were just talking today about how he missed singing with this group. They are AWESOME and work so hard to make some pretty sweet music! Take a listen and see what you think.

Favorites? Their CD is sooooo great.  I wish I could put it on here for you to listen. Truly a treat. Looking forward to what they come up with this year. 

(Andrew is in the first 3 videos. The last video is from 2009-2010).