Med School Update

 Many have been asking how med school is going for my husband, Andrew. So, here's an update!
1. He's loving it. I frequently ask him if he could see himself doing anything else or if he has any desire to do anything else. The answer is always, "nope, this is what I want to do." He loves it and that makes me so happy. 
2. Yes, he studies a lot. Hard to picture I know... Even in college, he didn't have to study too terribly much, his brain is like an incredible sponge. Wish I had his brain just for a day.
3. He loves telling me about every little part of my body.  He has just completed dissecting the entire body. Literally, every thinkable part: nerve, blood vessel, muscle, bone. You name it, he knows it. 
4. He always makes time for fun. He's playing on an indoor soccer team with the school right now. He was playing flag football each week when it was nicer outside. And, good ol' Words with Friends on the iPhone keeps him happily entertained for study breaks. 
5. He has to dress nicely (i.e. not in his usual shorts and jacket) at least once a week and always looks incredibly handsome. I just want to cuddle him up and not let him go. 
6. His next preceptorship is in pediatrics and he just completed a preceptorship in a neuro disorders clinic.
7. His school offers so many additional learning opportunities than just classes and clinicals. He attends extra classes, occasionally serves at a free clinic, and has even signed up for the 'baby beeper' where he will attend a few prenatal visits with an expecting mom and then be called when it's time for her to deliver.
I couldn't be happier for him. It's truly amazing how God placed this desire in his heart years ago and how Andrew has been faithful, worked so hard, and is following the Lord's guidance. What a blessing it has been so far for both of us.

 My favorite is when we escape off to a coffee shop (usually Starbucks) and "study" together. I get to spoil him with tasty drinks and treats and simply get to enjoy being with him. Of course, I get easily distracted and just want to talk, so I'm working on not being too distracting so he'll keep agreeing to go with me.

By the way, if you want to read a sweet love story, read the book of Ruth. It literally makes my heart all fuzzy every time I read it. I LOVE this account of Ruth, Boaz, Naomi and the ancestry line of the great King David and of Jesus.