It's the Little Things. . .

 My husband is the sweetest and he knows me so well. Sunday morning, I woke up for work to a sweet note and sunshine drawing that perfectly fit my face on the bathroom mirror as well as a Reese's chocolate all packed in my lunch. Seriously, so great! Wait, there's more . . .  After a few rough days at work (I'm on day 5 of 7 now), I was feeling exhausted, very down, and in the dumps. I came home from work, hopped in the shower, and came out to an apartment full of lit candles, and to Andrew cooking dinner. He had the coffee table all set for "dinner and a show." I literally started tearing up.
We watched Project Runway--one of my favs. 
Andrew made chicken tostadas-- also one of my favorites!
 Being married is seriously the best. 
We are still learning how to support each other as we are both starting new careers. It's the little things that mean so much and I'm so thankful for such a sweet, thoughtful man.