I Be Flyin' Solo... in a week...

Well folks, it's been 17 weeks since I began my job as a New Grad Resident RN. The past 17 weeks have been essentially similar to an additional semester of nursing school (sort of). Yes, this included lectures and "clinical hours" and even projects. The point of the program is to provide new graduate nurses with the extra support, education, training, confidence, and competence they need to be a great nurses. So, though I've been independent at work and have been caring for patients on my own, it's been nice to have that extra someone somewhere on the unit to always ask questions to and seek help from. Next week, I'll be just another nurse on the unit with my own patient load, etc. I'll be flyin' solo. Not to say I won't have the support and help from my fellow staff members, but it'll be different. A new transition.

Us 3 gals (all in Family Birth) have made it through (almost). We've bonded over all that it took for us to make it through, as we've had some hiccups along the way. And, we're about to FINALLY embark on being a "real" Nurse. 

 Praying and keeping my eyes focused on the fact that I'm at work to care for those in need has helped get me through each day. These patients are God's children in need. It's all about perspective. 
Back to nights I go.
I can do this, I know.
Keeping a good attitude is key.
And I will daily ask for strength and peace from Thee.