Give Thanks: Day 2- DIY Welcome Home Wreath

 Nothing says 'welcome home' during the holiday season more than a Christmas wreath!
I'm so grateful for not only a roof over my head, but for a home that is perfect for Andrew and I in this stage of our lives. As we have both moved an average of 2-3 times a year (being in college seems to mean that you move all the time!), it's such a blessing to be able to stay somewhere for even just an entire year.

DIY Holiday Wreath
Supplies needed. 
Wrap yarn around hoop securing it by tying the first loop in a knot around the hoop. Continue wrapping yarn around hoop until completely covered (this takes a while, watch a movie or tv shows while wrapping). Stick adornments on hoop by sliding stems through yarn. That's it!

 Check out these wreaths by ItzFitz on Etsy! I found these after I did my wreath and I like them much better! Maybe I'll re-vamp mine a bit to look a little more impressive like these!