Date Jar

 At the start of our marriage, we created this date jar for date nights. We simply put extra cash, coins, & gift cards in the jar and whenever it's time for a date, we use the jar money. As I will soon be returning to the night shift permanently and opportunities for time together will dramatically decrease, we've been using it fairly often.
To celebrate the finish of Andrew's 1st course in Med School, our weekend date night consisted of our favorite Mexican restaurant, La Hacienda  (we were so thrilled to find one in the Portland area), visiting our friend Adam at the new Nike store in Pioneer Square & window shopping in downtown Portland, chocolate fondue at the Melting Pot, and time to cuddle while watching the movie 300.

It was supposed to be a $20 date ($12 shared Fajitas, $8 Fondue from the happy hour menu, free window shopping, free movie on TV) but Portland's Melting Pot doesn't have choc fondue on their happy hour menu. So, it was a bit more, but so worth it! Check to see if yours does! 

Much needed intentional time with each other with no studying and talk of nothing medically related.

Check out what designer, Lindsay created for her and her hubs. Lindsay's version of a date jar consists of tickets with planned dates that her and her husband created. I love this idea and she made it look so cute! 

Maybe I could combine the two ideas and paperclip money to each date ticket.