Fav Finds: Steal of a Deal

 Okay folks, I cannot even begin to explain how THRILLED I was when my friend Kaitlyn and I found these deals. On a whim, we decided to walk into Old Navy to look around. Little did we know that we'd walk out with such great deals!  
Here's the deal (literally):
 16 items of clothing = $105 

On average, each item costed $6.50
Here's the kicker. . . If I purchased all of these items for full price, the cost would have been: 


Bonus: I mostly got blouses and sweaters that can be dressed up/down/ and basically worn anywhere for anything! I am in love with all of them. 
 Andrew got some new basic T's. There goes our clothes spending budget for a while.

You have to admit, that's pretty darn fantastic! Rummaging through sale racks is worth it! Kaitlyn also got some great things that work perfectly for her job. 
This also means that a certain special sis of mine will be inheriting some of my closet.  Look forward to a package from me at some point, Jordan!