Refinish- Lumiere

While in Salem on Monday, I worked on this project. I refinished this previously plain wood mirror and 3 large candle pedestals.
I'm still planning to distress the mirror . . .

I Purchased these candle pedestals across the street at a junk sale for $1 each. They remind me of Beauty and the Beast candlestick character, Lumiere. 
 I sanded down the mirror and painted with three different paint colors- all in the green, mint, blue, robin's egg color palette. The mirror was $24 from Target on clearance.  Ace hardware sells little containers of paint for a few dollars each. Great for little projects like this!
Yes, I'm wearing camo. Perfect gear for some dirty work!

I re-hung the newly painted mirror in our bedroom. 
I think it adds a nice romantic touch.

I've enjoyed my days off, but it's time to head back to work!