Mini- Vaca : Surprise Trip to the Mountain

 Quite a few weeks ago, I planned this surprise trip for Andrew. He's been working so hard and studying so diligently.  When I found a weekend that I had off from work and that he didn't have an exam following, I took advantage of it!

The best part about it was that he had absolutely no idea what we were doing, and I enjoyed every minute of getting to unveil surprises!

Surprise #1-  McDonalds on the drive. McD's is Andrew's absolute favorite. Me, not so much. I feel awkward and guilty when I drive through for him. But, he's worth it and he loved his junk food treat and first surprise.
Surprise #2- Mount Hood! He figured out pretty quickly with the outfit I left out for him and the direction we were headed that we were headed for a hike!

 It couldn't have been a more perfect day! Warm, sunny, and beautiful snow on the mountain.

 We definitely are not professional hikers and we didn't go too far. Needed better hiking attire for sure! But, we absolutely enjoyed every second of the peaceful, quiet, gorgeous outdoors!

Goodbye beautiful mountain!

Surprise #3- Overnight stay at The Resort At the Mountain! 
They have some great deals if you are looking for a trip to book!

We drove up to the resort and Andrew said, "Ohhh, I know what we are doing..." He thought we were just getting a massage at the spa and then heading back to Portland. So, we went into the main entrance of the resort and I had him go sit down while I made sure they were ready for us. The lady was so great when I whispered that he thought we were just here for a massage. She secretively got the info she needed from me and showed me on a map where the "spa" was and circled where our room was. Then she increased her volume giving us spa instructions. Oh, she was fabulous!

So, we headed toward the spa and then I turned us off to our room. He was so surprised!

 We played some lawn bowling while waiting for our massage time. He was right on that part, we did have massages scheduled!

Surprise #4-  All inclusive massages for the two of us!  This was the most amazing spa experience I've ever had! I can't even begin to explain how relaxing the entire experience was from the moment we stepped into the facility to the moment we left. I highly recommend the Resort at the Mountain Spa
 Surprise #5- All inclusive dinner! We could order anything on the menu. So, naturally, being the cheap-os that we are, we took advantage of this and ordered close to the most expensive items on the menu! Boy, were they delicious! 

(They had much fancier names and delicious sides, but this is the basically what we ate)

Andrew:  Peppercorn Crusted New York Steak
Jenna: Flat Iron Steak and Smoked Salmon 

I've never eaten so much meat in one day in my life. BUT, our meals were probably the best meals either of us has ever had. Truly a treat!  And, Andrew couldn't get over how excited he was that they brought him a Henry Weinhard Root Beer (his favorite drink). 

Nice face Babe!

 Our cozy robes! 

 Surprise #6- All inclusive Breakfast

Also, absolutely delicious! No photos of the food, but we enjoyed the nice fireplace in the lobby!

 Overall, we both had such a great time! Andrew couldn't stop smiling the whole trip and we were reminded that it doesn't require a week's vacation or even an entire weekend. Just 24 hours of being together and doing something out of the ordinary away from schedules and studying was all it took. I also learned how much I love surprising him! So much fun!