Milkshakes & Jailbirds

My hubby loves ice cream. We love milkshakes. We love each other. 
We got to spend a little bit of time together enjoying our milkshakes and watching the Office (which was all about Halloween). Speaking of Halloween, I strongly dislike this day of the year. Probably my least favorite day of the entire year. I hate scary things, I hate evil things, I don't even really like costumes-- just not my day. 
This year for Halloween,  I'll be working for the next 7 days straight. . .  So, I guess I'll be a jailbird. Maybe Halloween will be less spooky at the Hospital (Who am I kidding, It'll probably be more spooky).
This top is fitting for a jailbird costume! 

Do YOU have any fun, non-spooky Halloween traditions? What are they?