How To: Use a Piping Bag Without a Mess!

I don't know about you, but when I use my piping bag with frosting or other ingredients, it turns out to be a complete mess and disaster! Just getting the frosting into the bag is difficult. So, I learned this trick and thought I should share. Maybe you already know it and I was just out of the loop. . . If you don't, try it out next time!
1. Stretch out plastic wrap

2. Place frosting or ingredient onto plastic wrap (this is cheese cake filling)
3. Fold over edges to cover all substance
4. Twist plastic wrap ends
5. Place into piping bag

6. Pull plastic twisted end through end of piping bag
7. Cut end and attach end parts of the piping bag
8. Pipe away as usual... 
9. Pull plastic wrap tail out of piping bag and throw away
10. See, no mess!! So easy and quick! 

**Not my original idea. If you want to watch a how-to video, click here**

 This is a made up pie of all sweet things I could find in my cabinet. Oreo-crusted, pumpkin, chocolate chip, cheesecake. It was just ok. The important part is that it was mess-free right?