Honestly . . .

Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep. Romans 12:15

 I am absolutely exhausted and just want to lay on the couch and put my feet up. Which is what I am doing . . . Thankfully, Andrew is being a sweetheart and making some dinner. 


To be fully honest, today was not a good day. One of those days where I honestly wonder,  "why am I a Nurse again. . . "
-13+ hour days
-Aching feet & everything else
-Wearing super cute grandma compression socks for being on my feet all day
-Getting lunch 9 hours after breakfast . . . 
-I realized that I only emptied my bladder once today. . .
-Had difficult, challenging, crazy cases with ALL of my patients today
-Cleaning up every body fluid you can imagine. . .

Then I am reminded why I do this and why after most days, I feel very satisfied and blessed.

-I get to be an advocate for my patients
-I do for them what they cannot do for themselves in their most vulnerable moments
-I guide and educate them in times of need
-I am able to help meet their basic physical, emotional, and spiritual needs
-I can share God's love and light with each patient and family member
-Helping others brings me immense JOY
-I can use my gifts and talents to tangibly help my patients and hopefully improve their quality of life

I am so thankful to be a nurse and truly do love what I do. Sometimes, I just need a little reminding. After a rough day of giving my all to my patients, I am simply worn out! Not to mention, I am still learning so much and am very new at this!
Thankful for a free weekend and fun, relaxing plans with my love!