Favorite Finds: Sore-No-More Danskos

I've finally given in to wearing Danskos for work. Being on my feet for 12 hour shifts means that special attention needs to be paid to my feet! I've worn tennis-shoes through nursing school and until now and have come home each day with the sorest feet, knees, and back. These shoes have literally changed my life! I got the new Dansko ProXP version (extra cushion is included in this version)  and have happily worn them for a week. I'm convinced they are what any person who is on their feet all day should at least try.

I also love these red-brown shoes below. They'd work for a teacher or someone in a more professional setting. Clogs definitely have a different look that may not be the most fashionable, but the comfort pays off! I've noticed that even my standing posture is improved just from a solid, proper shoe.
If you work at a hospital, many places give a discount. FYI.