Favorite Finds: Dragonfly Coffee House

I met a work friend at this great coffee shop in NW Portland off of 24th and Thurman (Also known as the Nob Hill/ Uptown/ or Alphabet District of Portland). I'm slowly but surely learning my districts/areas of Portland.  The Dragonfly Coffee House provided a warm, cozy, and perfect environment for getting some things done and meeting up with friends.

No, I was not reading James Joyce's A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man,  I just had a heart flutter when I saw it on the counter because it reminded me of AP English in High school and how much I hated reading that book.  Been there, done that.

 I got this pumpkin pie turn-over. It included cranberries, pumpkin, nuts, and all things fall and delicious! It was the perfect fall treat coupled with my hot mint tea. 

Over all, I was thankful for some encouragement and support from a wonderful new friend.