Favorite Finds: Color Palette

I am nearly obsessed with this color palette (egg photo above). . .  I just can't get 
enough of it! I've always been a fan of the blues & greens to teal, but I love how they all work together! Yesterday (day 4 out of 5 off- pro to working 12 hr shifts= more days off), my mom and I met up for some shopping and girl time together. I took some photos along the way of items I loved in this same color palette. (Mostly taken at Anthropologie).

Rainy Monday mornings are the best time to shop or be in any public place! We had the shopping center nearly all to ourselves!  
New finds mixed in with our dishes.  Love it!

Thanks mom for a great day! 
Egg drop soup and honey chicken for lunch. I'd like to learn how to make egg-drop soup! So good!