Twenty Three

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday! Whoa, I'm getting old.... 
Unfortunately, I worked a 12 hr night shift on my birthday eve and then had to sleep all day and went back to work in the evening until 11pm. However, here are some of the things that made me smile during my working/sleeping bday!
*After Andrew got home from classes, we went on a short walk down the street to Subway and had an outdoor quick dinner before I had to go back to work.*

*I came home from work the morning of my bday to this sweet sign made by the hubs. Andrew-flair included! No furby or dino drawings though. Out of the ordinary for him : )*

*This was an unfortunate experiment. I tried to make myself a birthday cake to bring to work to share.... First of all, I wanted to make cupcakes but discovered that we either don't have a cupcake pan or I can't find it... hmmm So, I made this round cake and poured the rest of the homemade batter into small corningware cups*

*The cake turned out ok but the frosting is an entirely different story. One not worth sharing other than that I ended up having to throw the entire cake/frosting duo in the trash. Oops. Still working on this whole baking thing! It would help to have tried & true recipes. I need to stop trusting random recipes online. Have any great frosting recipes?*

*Andrew made me dinner the night before my birthday before heading to work. Smiley faces included and all! Love him and love our short bits of time together*

* Helping to welcome a new baby into the world and having an excellent shift at work*

*THANK YOU for all of the thoughtful texts/calls/messages. You all also made me smile. * 

Looking forward to:
1) My parents and Grandma coming up tonight for a bday dinner celebration
2) My grandma (we're besties) staying with us for the night and having a fun day tomorrow in Portland
3) The ENTIRE 3-day weekend off
4) A bday date this weekend with Andrew. Can't wait to actually celebrate and spend time together!