Time to Organize!

This would be ideal.  If only. However, I am very thankful for a laundry closet in our apartment! So glad I don't have to lug the laundry bins to a basement or laundromat. What a blessing. Though this is probably my favorite part of our apartment, I sure have not respected it by keeping it organized and clean. Since we moved in, this closet was the "throw all/hide all" spot. Everything that doesn't have a normal home belongs here.  This is the spot before the organization took over...
Messy, cluttered, DISASTER, no idea what is in here. No clear pathway to the machines.

I purchased these see-through bins and a LABEL MAKER (love love love it) for storage. I contemplated getting cute little baskets or nicely colored bins, but decided to be more practical and go with the see-through, lid covered bins. Now, we can easily tell what is in each bin via simply looking and reading the label! 

Much better right? It still may not look pretty, but it's all nicely organized and clean. And.... there's room for more! 

I love to organize, but it's a process!