Smor·gas·bord & Sweet Tea

Peanut-butter chocolate fudge brownies. They turned out DELICIOUS even though I didn't follow the recipe from previous post (surprise, surprise).  

-White chocolate
-Peanut Butter
-Half & Half cream
-Dark Chocolate
-Milk Chocolate
*Optional- add nuts or coconut on top!  

original recipe/inspiration found here.

*Over stove top, mix/melt white chocolate, peanut butter, add a few drops of vanilla. Pour into glass pan. Then, do the same with the chocolate layer. Mix/melt dark chocolate and milk chocolate & half and half. Can also use cocoa powder into the mix. Pour over cooled peanut butter. Cool for 3+ hrs in the fridge. The top layer turned out tasting more like a choc ganache. So yummy and super easy!*

Sweet Tea, Fried Okra, & Fried Chicken and Waffles, + more! Andrew and I enjoyed a southern dinner treat tonight with our friends Brandon and Catherine. Went to Miss Delta in NE Portland. The best part by far was the sweet tea that had PERFECT flavor. Felt like I was back in Texas with the fam!

Never heard of fried chicken & waffles but Andrew was feeling adventurous. Also.... he couldn't get enough sweet tea. So good!
Great food, great company! 

 Fishtail braid .... I think? What do you think?