Go Pink!

Today was Portland's Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure. Andrew and I were hoping to take part and thought we could sign up last minute, but they closed the sign ups just in time for us to miss it. We could have signed up to "sleep in" for the cure. I thought that was both hilarious and clever. Anyways, I took part in spirit by dressing in pink and enjoying pink-frosted cupcakes that I made and took to work for a TGIF treat on Friday. 

Breast cancer falls close to my heart as a very special person in my life is fighting to beat this bugger right now. I think of her and pray for her often and am amazed at how strong she has been. Praise the Lord for finding it early and treating it quickly.
Breast Cancer random factoids (according to the American Cancer society):

Top 3 states in 2009-2010 with highest incidence of breast cancer (in Caucasian women)
    1. New Jersey
    2. New Hampshire
    3. Oregon
  • Utah had the lowest incidence last year  
  • 88% 5-year survival rate among white women with breast cancer. 
  • 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime

Male or female, you should care about breast cancer. It affects so many around us and may even affect you some day!