First Sewing Attempt & Craft Date

I made my first quilt! It's quite rough around the edges--- literally. However, it was so much fun and I look forward to making more, better-improved quilts! I fell in love with these fabrics for a baby quilt because they are so gender neutral and aren't the typical yellow/green. What do you think?

 My new friend Catherine and I got together today for a craft project. Inspired by Pinterest and numerous other bloggers to include (Urban Nester & A Fortunate Accident). Painted jars/glass vases! The only problem is that we did not have the correct paint. So... no water goes in these jars... I still like the look of them and can use them for candles or little pen/pencil containers or something.
It has been a true blessing to have met Catherine and her husband (who is attending med school with Andrew). We are both nurses, both new to Portland, and have so much in common. It's just nice to be meeting new people and be encouraged by fellow believers. Stay tuned for more Catherine/Jenna craft projects!