Diy Project To Do List

These projects are on my mind! When I accomplish them, I'll let you know and show you my work!

And This Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake
Make this fall artwork (with more fall-ish colors)

Sew a Scarf! 
Learn how to Fishtail braid my hair
Make DIY candles with a fall/holiday twist.

I've had all of the supplies for a while and can't wait to get started making these!

Sew this DIY skirt out of a men's shirt.

These projects are on my mind. Can't wait for some days off to make a dent in this list (that honestly changes by the day!). If you have not discovered Pinterest yet, you are missing out (where I discovered many of these projects/ideas). Check it out and let me know if you need an invite!

Do you have any great projects on your mind?