Biscuit Delight

I needed a quick meal tonight for both a hungry hubby and a tired me who didn't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen after work. I saw the biscuits in the fridge and just thought to do the classic butter and jelly spread and maybe some eggs. Then, this beauty below dawned on me! SO, I made turkey, egg, and cheese biscuits with herbed potato slices and a salad. Delish and quick! And, much more of a delight to eat than plain biscuits and butter/jelly.

Andrew loved it. My tummy is happy.

For the potatoes (an A&J favorite), just slice them up and cook over the stove in olive oil. Add herbs (Parsley) and maybe some seasoned salt. Wait until golden brown and you're good to go!


After this week of being at a conference, I have discovered the following:

I could never do a desk job.

I get home more tired than ever after sitting all day! It's exhausting to fill your head with knowledge and be constricted to a seat. Maybe after working as an RN where I'm constantly on my feet, always doing something different, I have become dependent on movement and excitement to keep my energy up. Kind of seems backwards . . .  This is reassuring that I am in the right profession though!


Planning to check one of those DIY to-do's off my list tomorrow! Stay tuned!