Succulent Love

Wow, it sure seems like succulents are the plant to have right now. I have a few of them and am truly in love...... Why? Because they require very little care! I can't seem to keep other plants alive but am thus far having good luck with succulents. Look below for a few hinters when caring for these loving plants.
These are my babies. I have a couple more  as well, but both plants and their pots are from Ikea. Bring some easy to manage LIFE into your home and enjoy some succulents. 

Nearly every floral shop and many grocery shops (Trader Joes, Albertsons, etc.) carry them. Pick one up next time you're at the store!
  • During "growing season" (spring into fall) most succulents should be watered once /week.
  • Most succulents like heat and bright sunlight.
  • Re-pot them as necessary. This will allow and encourage them to GROW
  • During "dormant season" (late fall into early spring), most succulents require very little water. Just enough to keep their color looking appropriate. Let the soil completely dry between waterings. 
  • For more info, check out the following helpful website,

 Need a nice house warming gift? Give a succulent! Ikea sells them for relatively inexpensive and you can purchase classy pots there as well.