Night·in·gale [nahyt-n-geyl], noun

Florence Nightingale- ( “the Lady with the Lamp”), 1820–1910,  English nurse: reformer of hospital conditions and procedures; reorganizer of nurse's training programs.
To all those with a nursing background, Nightingale is familiar jargon to essentially mean the first nurse who truly made nursing what it is today. Realizing that most others probably think of a bird or a song, I figured a bit of explanation was called for. 

I named this blog Northwest Nightingale to reflect my time living in the great northwest and my journey as not only a new wife but as a new professional nurse. I'm also working the night shift.... an unintended play on words! 

I am an RN at a fabulous local hospital's Antepartum/Postpartum/GYN unit to also include their extended care nursery for sicker babies. Basically, I have the best job ever and get to be a part of bringing new life into the world and guiding & educating families in this endeavor. I feel extremely blessed to have a position as a new graduate so soon and do not take that for granted for one moment. I am even receiving nearly 6 months of intense training unique to this program for new grads. With over 700 people interviewed and 32 nurses hired, I know how lucky I am. Truly thankful and looking forward to the next few months!