Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! I am blessed to have such a wonderful example of marriage. Things I've learned from my parents about marriage:
1. Never refuse an invitation from your spouse (Honey, want to go on a walk? Come cook with me? Come watch the sports channel with me? etc...)
2. Support your husband in everything that he does and sets his mind do
3. Pray for each other
4. Make spending time together a priority. Have frequent date nights!
5. Have fun together

  Thank you for providing all who meet you with an admirable example of marriage. Love you both!

On another note, I'm working night shift tonight (7pm-7:30am) and am still figuring out when I should sleep/how to prepare for an all nighter.  Over the past 4 years of nursing school and having early shifts, I've turned into an early bird....

Any advice for effective sleeping habits for night shifters?