Fun Day Monday

Fun-day Monday:

 After sending Andrew off and my morning workout, my day started off with a street car ride to a Starbucks in NW Portland. Spent some time writing some letters to friends and family and couldn't pass up the chance to eat my favorite Sbucks treat. CHONGA bagel. If you haven't tried it, you need to! The perfect lunch or breakfast or anything else you want it to be. Unfortunately, it's a few more calories than I'd like. That's why it is a treat!

I couldn't help but sneak a photo of these three ladies. Notice all of them are wearing navy and white striped shirts! I chuckled when I saw this and did my best to be sneaky while photographing them.
Stopped by a lovely floral shop (Sammy's flowers) and bought these pretty flowers for a special birthday mother of mine. Looking forward for a Portland adventure day with my sweet mom tomorrow. I also have a new dream hobby to someday maybe pursue. I want to take flower arranging classes! I found classes in Portland and will be keeping my eye out for one I can attend.
Caught the street car home just in time before it got busy for rush hour. 

 Then I met my dear friend Kaitlyn at an authentic Mexican Taqueria. From the atmosphere to the food, you truly feel like you are in Mexico when eating here. Their chips and guacamole are my favorite. I am going to attempt to make similar chips out of my homemade tortillas.  Por Que No? is definitely a place to try if you are in NE Portland.

 Couldn't resist getting some ice cream to end our evening.
See you tomorrow Mom! Looking forward to more adventures and a spontaneous day with you!