Anniversary Card Idea

Today marks one month of marriage to the love of my life. Woo hoo. Best month of my life so far. 
But, the reason I share this is because tonight, we get to open our 1 month aniversary card that our wedding guests made for us at the reception. The cards range from 1 month to 50 years. They are sealed for us to open on that year's anniversary. Our pastor and his wife gave us this idea and it is such a fabulous one! Looking forward to opening each one together and being reminded of our wedding day.  
Pass the idea along and enjoy!

 I purchased packs of plain white cards and envelopes from a craft store and stamped all of them on the inside and outside. Lastly, we wrote the anniversary year on the bottom and placed them on each table at our reception. The guests seemed to really get into it and it provided a neat activity to fill in any extra time.