Anatomy & Health Tip #1

[Leonardo Da Vinci's Anatomical Sketches] 

One of my favorite artists of all time is Da Vinci. Not for his typical work that most people have seen, but for his incredible intelligence and interest in the human body. It is truly fascinating to look through his sketches of the bones, the circulatory system, musculature, and my favorite: the fetus and the anatomical childbirth process. Sorry if this is past some people's comfort level... or grosses you out.

I framed these sketches for Andrew and put them up in his office as he is beginning his in-depth anatomy class and cadaver lab this week. Wasn't sure if he was going to like them, but he does! :) I like to call it Doctor Art.

I attended an RN OB (Obstetrics) focused seminar the past two days for work and learned SO much. I will try to focus some blog posts about helpful (& tasteful) information for the woman before, during, and after pregnancy.

Pre-Pregnancy Basic Health Tip #1 
  • Months before you are trying to get pregnant, be sure to start takings prenatal vitamins each day! This is essential to giving your baby the best start possible. As 50% or more of pregnancies are unplanned, if you are of childbearing age and have even the slightest chance of becoming pregnant, it is not a bad idea to start taking prenatals right away.  They are inexpensive ($4) and over the counter and contain essential vitamins and minerals for your health and your future baby's health. Pick some up today! (Mayo Clinic, Medline Plus, CDC).